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Short Cycle Lamination Line
The Short Cycle Lamination (SCL) Line is used to produce laminated boards (pre-lam). The total line consists of the machines used from board feeding to laminating to board inspection, sorting and stacking. A common application is the lamination of melamine treated papers on to particle boards, MDF boards, and HDF boards. The boards out of this process are commonly known as pre-laminated boards or MFC (melamine faced chipboards) boards.
The pre-laminated boards laminated in the SCL Line are used extensively for home and office furniture. Some common applications of the boards are:
Partition wall
False ceiling
Knocked down furniture (Modular furniture)
Center boards in door frames
Floor tiles
The boards can also be used for vertical applications, where regular decorative laminates run into serious limitations. short cycle lamination (scl) line, short cycle lamination press line, short cycle lamination line manufacturers, short cycle lamination line suppliers
Board width (cm): 122 to 183
Length (cm): 244 to 366
Thickness (mm): 6 to 35
High productivity through low pre-cure time
Low maintenance
Reliable operation through proper testing & use of reliable components
  Optimization for automatic operations
High safety through use of field sensors
Uniform platen temperature
CE marked electrical inputs
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Scope of supply
short cycle lamination hot press line, short cycle rapid laminating production line
Roller Conveyor  
Lift Table with Roller Conveyor
Board Feeder
Board Cleaning
Creel Conveyor with Paper Stack Stand
Tray Belt Loader
Short Cycle Lamination Line
Hydraulic Power Pack
Out Feed Conveyor
Vacuum Unloader
Roller Conveyor               
Inspection & Sorting Hoist
Roller Conveyor
Electrical Control Panel
Vacuum Hoist Press Plate Change
Cassette Stand for Press Plate
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